How to have a relaxing SPA day at your home

How to have a relaxing SPA day at your homeIn the cold season it is very important to care for your skin to avoid aggressive exfoliation and irritation. That’s why today we’ve prepared some suggestions for bath scents that will help you have a SPA day at home!

When the cold starts, everything you may want is a cup of hot chocolate, a good movie or your favorite book. It is possible to have your own spa  queens and beauty treatments? When you see how wasy is it you will be suprise. Still, what if I told you that you could prepare a relaxing SPA day, even at your home?

All you need? A few scented bath spa cosmetics from Pellamar, or other products, a playlist with your favorite music and a few hours to add to your skin care routines!


Perfumed bath products: the sponge, an aid to a pleasant atmosphere

Bath sponge is a good product if you want to relax. Who does not like to “sink” into a full of foam and forget about worries?

Choose a sponge with one of the fragrances that relaxes you and positively influence your mood and get ready for the perfect bath.

If your favorite perfumes are oriental, the combination of resin with a strong woody aroma and black rose will instantly relax and send you with the thought of a perfect holiday in one of the SPAs of Istanbul.


Scented tablets for bath

Besides the foam, for a relaxing bath you can also add scented tablets. What exactly is it? Effervescent, fragrant tablets that melt in warm water, color it and give it a unique fragrance.

If you want to remember the exotic destinations during summer holidays, try the fruit-flavored or vanilla coconut tablets, the combination of the exotic scent of a coconut and the sweet smell of vanilla.


Scented candles can not be missed if you want a SPA day at home

Scented candles are a very practical bathroom accessory. Besides the pleasant and relaxing smell, they can also help create a very romantic atmosphere. Turn off the bulb and use some scented candles to get a diffused light!


The perfume of the room, a good idea for the bathroom

If you keep a room fragrance or chopsticks in the living room to keep your fresh air, why not try one for a bath?

This is perfect, especially if you do not like scented candles. Small and stylish, you can place it wherever you want, without getting too tired.


Perfumed bath products, ideal for skin care

The first step after enjoying the warm and scented bath is exfoliation. Dead skin cells have soaked enough, and now with a sponge, it’s time to remove them.

Call a fine sponge or peel with a soft brush. Then choose scrub!


Moisturizing shower gel with a charming smell

The shower gel scent is different, depending on the preferences of each. My recommendation? The fresh lilac smell, which will remind you of the sunny days of spring.


Moisturize your skin

Due to the low temperature and wind, the skin, especially on the hands, will dry out much easier and faster. After each bath apply a body oil that keeps your skin moisturized!


Body cream should not be absent from the ritual of care

If you are not a fan of moisturizing oil, you do not have to worry. It means that cream lotions are the best option for you!