Types of surveillance cameras

Video surveillance cameras can be of several kinds. But you’ve probably already known this detail. We have been able to share this vast field in several categories for you and we are trying to build on these important details according to which our security cameras share. Therefore:


By the period in which it works


Daytime / Night Surveillance Cameras (provide both daytime and nighttime images, but in a different way depending on the intensity of the light)
-night surveillance cameras only (rooms that combine at night the black and white image with the infrared)


By resolution and image quality


– Medium-resolution monochrome (white / black) video surveillance cameras (380-420 TV lines)
– High resolution monochrome video surveillance cameras (500 – 600 TV Lines)
-Mare-resolution color video surveillance cameras (<420 TV Lines)
-Meat resolution color video surveillance cameras (420 – 800 TV lines)
-Cameras of high resolution color video surveillance (800 – 2000 TV lines)

Already rooms that reach a measurable resolution in 2000 TV lines can be considered as excellent image quality. Practically, the 2000 TVL resolution of a TVL camera is the equivalent of 2 megapixels for a digital camera. The essential difference is that it will cost a lot less.


By the connectivity mode


– Wired Surveillance Cameras
– wireless surveillance cameras (wireless, rooms to which connection is made by radio waves)


By the level of visibility


-Frame surveillance cameras
Hidden surveillance cameras

By taking the signal


– analog surveillance cameras (classic)
– digital surveillance cameras


Used in a digital surveillance system, digital cameras offer higher resolutions and better images! You will discover with these cameras impressive details of the images that can be magnified and then analyzed. Such a system benefits from progressive scanning and the whole image is captured at the same time at an exceptional quality. In addition, they are not limited in terms of distance, compared to classical analog cameras that can cover somewhere around 300 meters. Network IP cameras have images digitally captured and so they remain for the same, without conversions, without degradation. On the other hand, analog cameras generate an analogue signal, which can then be digitized by an A / D converter for ultimate DSP processing. Attention, digital cameras come with a higher price than analogue ones, but they may also have some interference or installation disadvantages.


By the weather resistance level


-door indoor video surveillance cameras
-Video Outdoor Surveillance CamerasTypes of surveillance cameras


Which surveillance cameras do we buy?


Surveillance cameras are divided into several categories. We all know that there are indoor cameras (usually dome cameras) and outdoor cameras (cameras that can cover long distances at night and which are more resistant). Besides these types, rooms can also be hidden or false. By installing hidden security cameras in the office or workplace, you can keep an eye on the employees. Call now LogicalGate cctv installers London.

This is extremely useful, especially if your business is spinning around money or jewelery. Also, hidden cameras can be used to monitor babies and can help keep babies under surveillance so as to make sure they are safe. False cameras can be used to discourage potential offenders, especially as they are built today, these rooms are hard to differentiate from normal ones. The most sought after are indoor and outdoor cameras that can join a dvr and form an excellent surveillance system. These rooms are different and we’ll explain why. Outdoor video cameras are more weather-resistant cameras and can cope well with temperatures between -30 and 60 degrees celsius. They are also more resilient to the impact with the capricious weather.

Even indoor chambers are not far from the durable term, most of them being antivandal and thus impossible to be destroyed by criminals. But the impact with the external environment can suffer damage, as their obvious destination is the interior. If you purchase outdoor cameras, remember that it is important and that they are perfectly adjustable for the distance you want covered in the location. Today, outdoor cameras can cover distances of 100 meters or even larger, so you can choose from.

How to have a relaxing SPA day at your home

How to have a relaxing SPA day at your homeIn the cold season it is very important to care for your skin to avoid aggressive exfoliation and irritation. That’s why today we’ve prepared some suggestions for bath scents that will help you have a SPA day at home!

When the cold starts, everything you may want is a cup of hot chocolate, a good movie or your favorite book. It is possible to have your own spa  queens and beauty treatments? When you see how wasy is it you will be suprise. Still, what if I told you that you could prepare a relaxing SPA day, even at your home?

All you need? A few scented bath spa cosmetics from Pellamar, or other products, a playlist with your favorite music and a few hours to add to your skin care routines!


Perfumed bath products: the sponge, an aid to a pleasant atmosphere

Bath sponge is a good product if you want to relax. Who does not like to “sink” into a full of foam and forget about worries?

Choose a sponge with one of the fragrances that relaxes you and positively influence your mood and get ready for the perfect bath.

If your favorite perfumes are oriental, the combination of resin with a strong woody aroma and black rose will instantly relax and send you with the thought of a perfect holiday in one of the SPAs of Istanbul.


Scented tablets for bath

Besides the foam, for a relaxing bath you can also add scented tablets. What exactly is it? Effervescent, fragrant tablets that melt in warm water, color it and give it a unique fragrance.

If you want to remember the exotic destinations during summer holidays, try the fruit-flavored or vanilla coconut tablets, the combination of the exotic scent of a coconut and the sweet smell of vanilla.


Scented candles can not be missed if you want a SPA day at home

Scented candles are a very practical bathroom accessory. Besides the pleasant and relaxing smell, they can also help create a very romantic atmosphere. Turn off the bulb and use some scented candles to get a diffused light!


The perfume of the room, a good idea for the bathroom

If you keep a room fragrance or chopsticks in the living room to keep your fresh air, why not try one for a bath?

This is perfect, especially if you do not like scented candles. Small and stylish, you can place it wherever you want, without getting too tired.


Perfumed bath products, ideal for skin care

The first step after enjoying the warm and scented bath is exfoliation. Dead skin cells have soaked enough, and now with a sponge, it’s time to remove them.

Call a fine sponge or peel with a soft brush. Then choose scrub!


Moisturizing shower gel with a charming smell

The shower gel scent is different, depending on the preferences of each. My recommendation? The fresh lilac smell, which will remind you of the sunny days of spring.


Moisturize your skin

Due to the low temperature and wind, the skin, especially on the hands, will dry out much easier and faster. After each bath apply a body oil that keeps your skin moisturized!


Body cream should not be absent from the ritual of care

If you are not a fan of moisturizing oil, you do not have to worry. It means that cream lotions are the best option for you!

The best cleaning services in Central London

The best cleaning services in London

For the best cleaning services in your area, call now London cleaners – the best teams of maids, cleaning technicians and gardeners are waiting for this call, ready to lend you a helping hand.

The best cleaning services in Central London

Our services aren’t just about cleaning the house and making your garden the most beautiful on the street. Our services are about something else entirely – they are about time itself. This is the most important commodity and nowadays and once it is gone you can never get it back. For that reason, every minute of free time is invaluable – you don’t want to waste it. Nobody does – unfortunately, the working hours don’t end once you reached home. They can continue, in the form of all the pesky chores needed to be done in and around the house. It may be something as simple as cleaning an oven – those 15 minutes spent doing this could have been relaxing ones, in which you focused only on yourself.

London cleaners is all about saving time, for you to enjoy the things you love the most. Let the oven cleaning to us. Leave the garbage removal to us, the window cleaning as well, the carpet and upholstery cleaning as well – all these small tasks consumed your precious free moments until now. Not any longer – maids and cleaning technicians are waiting for your call, ready to come over at the precise hour you called them. Just be on your way and, by the time you return, everything will be spick and clean.

These smaller tasks may take just a couple of hours to be completed – and, ultimately, you may decide to take care of them yourself. But what about the more exhaustive tasks? The end of tenancy cleaning is very important, whether you are a tenant or a renter. The same goes for the spring cleaning, which refreshes your house and keeps it safe and clean. And these two tasks will certainly span over a couple of days – will you waste so much time doing something somebody else can do?

Over the course of years, we have gained the trust of our clients, who always call back when they need our help. Call London cleaners just once and you will too find that our services are irreplaceable.

As far as the gardening duties are concerned, our gardeners can help you in quite a few ways. From the usual tasks such as compost gathering and removal to the more complex ones such as lawn laying and feeding, you can trust them to complete any job successfully.

And if by any chance your high standards haven’t been met, give us a call back and let us remedy the unwanted situations. Free of any charge, we will send another team over and take care of any problem which arose. Obviously, when you forward your complaints a timeframe should be respected, depending from case to case, from one task to another.

You won’t have any complaints at all – just like all our other clients, you will too be satisfied by our services. And when you will call us back it will be to request our services once again – so call London cleaners just once and you will always know where to find the best maids, cleaning technicians and gardeners.

Best cleaners in Bexleyheath

Helping you with all the chores, only in Bexleyheath

Call Bexleyheath cleaners and you will find professional maids, cleaning technicians and gardeners who can provide assistance in all the chores in and around the house. Over the course of years, we have become the one cleaning company everybody can trust completely – all of our employees are professional and experiences and all our clients meet complete satisfaction when calling us.

Of course, so you can rest assured, we have prepared contingency plans, just in case unwanted situations appear. So anybody can all us back even if they find a speck of dust – within a given timeframe (depending on the service requested) and free of any charge, another team of maids and cleaning technicians will remedy any undesired situation. And we were called by back all our clients – but only after a long time, in order to provide our assistance once again. Only with Bexleyheath cleaners you can find the answer to all of these daily and weekly problems!

In this way, we can provide assistance for the simplest of all jobs – such as window cleaning and hard floor cleaning. But, at the same time, we can also take care of the more complex cleaning duties. For example, you can have our maids and cleaning technicians clean the house on a weekly basis – just make a schedule and, in the weekend, at an hour of your choosing, they will drop by. In the same way, if you are moving out or if you are welcoming a new tenant, you can always have the house look spick and clean by appealing to our end of tenancy cleaning services.

Best cleaners in Bexleyheath

But these aren’t the only kinds of exhaustive cleaning services – there is one other, a cleaning services we have come up in the recent year, due to our success in the area. And that is the party cleaning services. By appealing to it, we can provide assistance before the party (or large gathering), by helping you clean the house, purchase all the provisions, and so on. We can also provide assistance during the party or larger gathering, with the waiting services. Lastly Bexleyheath cleaners will be the ones to clean afterwards, for you to relax.

In this way, you will save both time and money by calling just one cleaning company.

As far as our gardening services are concerned, we can say that we have everything covered for you, from the usual compost removal and lawn mowing to the live fence trimming and patio and driveway maintenance.

And our teams don’t need any kind of supervision – you can even go about your own way and, by the time you will return (and depending, of course, on the service you requested), everything will be just like the way you want it. And, if anything doesn’t go according to your plans, we can always remedy any kind of situation.

Appeal to our services just once and you will find out that they are more than worth the while. You can relax and enjoy your free time in any way that you want to – we will sweep all the daily and weekly chores from you.

Call Bexleyheath cleaners now and you will find the helping hand you always needed!

Best Decorative Shower Drainage Systems

Decorative Linear Shower drainage systems

Whether because it is faulty, whether because you are moving to a new home, you must be searching for new shower drains solutions – and we have the perfect one for you. Forget all about the ready-made shower room floors who lack personality. Forget all about the traditional point drains, who are basically holes in the ground that ruin the aesthetics of the wet room. You should choose the new and improved linear drains, who can be as inconspicuous as possible or who can add to the design of your wet room.

This is the modern solution most of our clients ask for – but this doesn’t mean that we cannot offer the alternatives as well. As a matter of fact, landing on this page might just be the luckiest thing ever – with us, you will find the perfect solution. It depends on your whether you will choose the traditional drains or whether you will choose the latest that the technology has to offer. Decorative linear shower drains reviews.

People usually leave the shower drains just like they are, whether renovating or moving to a new home. And this in turn can cause any number of problems. The most households now have traditional point drains – and this is an obsolete model. Even if they can handle their job most of the times, they can be easily clogged and they can’t cope with larger flows of water. Furthermore, because of their positioning, they also allow the water to infiltrate beneath the tiles – which in turn leads to all sorts of other problems.Decorative shower drainage systems reviews

So you need to make a priority out of changing the shower drainage system. And you should definitely choose the new and improved channel drains, even if they cost a bit more (and just a bit) than the alternative.

Long and narrow profiles, the linear drains collect water on a larger area. For this reason, the risk of clogging is greatly reduced, just like the risk of water overflowing. The linear drains are also fairly easy to install, since the floor needs just a small inclination towards the drain.

But, for a modern household, the most important asset of the new shower drains is that they do they job inconspicuously – you will never notice them, because they are usually placed beside one of the walls. Just remember from time to time to wipe the impurities with a piece of cloth and you will always enjoy nice and relaxing showers and baths.

But the channel drains can also add to the aesthetics of the wet room, since they support the most alternatives of personalization. From the material they are made from to their colour, and from the design of the gratings to even LED lighting, the linear drains can add a bit of style to your already stylish wet room.

And if you can have a robust channel drainage system which also looks good, why wouldn’t you?

But, as said, the choice is all yours and we can guide you towards the best purchase, according to your own preferences and budget. So pay us a visit and our teams of professional technicians will offer you all the answers you need.

Or just give us a call and place your order! Your new shower drains will be delivered shortly, ready to install and ready to use! E.C.T bathroom drainage solutions.